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IT Services & Computer Repair

Say Goodbye to Technology Troubles

Business Software Support

Is your business software not functioning properly like it used to?  Is your Quickbooks Point of Sale or Microsoft Office products having problems?


New System Sales

If you need a new workstation for your business or a computer for your home we can build one for you.  Tell us what you will be using it for and we can put together the hardware and software you need.

UPS Battery Backup

Did you have a power failure or surge that caused your workstation or server to not function properly?  We can evaluate your needs and install UPS Battery Backup solutions that will solve this problem.

Virus and Spyware removal

Is your computer slow?  Rather than spending too much money to buy a new one the problem could be a virus or malware which is causing the problem.

Printer Installation & Setup

Buying a new printer for your business or having problems with your current one?  We can set it up for you and troubleshoot any problems with an existing printer, even with problems over a network.

Network Troubleshooting

Are you having network connectivity issues or is your WiFi at the office disconnecting frequently?  Do you have a connection but its slower than you expect?  Are there too many WiFi users on your router?  We can find the problem.

Computer Repair

We diagnose and repair hardware problems.  Is your computer shutting off by itself?  Does it turn on at all?  Is there an error on the screen when you turn it on?


Disaster Recovery

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in case your business workstation or server stops working?  Can you afford to have downtime in your business?  We can help you implement a disaster recovery plan.

Remote Support

Some of our services such as removal of viruses and malware can be done remotely and solve problems faster.  We use a secure connection to connect instantly and solve problems faster.  We can even reboot the computer and reconnect afterwards.




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