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For the past 14 years PlayNet Web Hosting has been providing website services to our clients to design new websites or modify existing ones.  It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, a website design should communicate clearly the services or products you offer, and provide an easy way for anyone interested to contact you. PlayNet Web Hosting has the complete solution for creating the web site that best fits your business needs at an affordable price!

From start to finish we will walk you through the process of designing a site that not only looks good, but communicates clearly your business to potential customers.  Every part of your website serves a purpose, and each part should help to promote your company’s identity.

Once the site is complete we can host it for you or if you prefer another web host we can work with them as well.

Building a nice website is only part of the solution, customers must also be able to find your site on the Internet.  This is called “SEO” which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  It describes techniques which may improve the visibility of a website in search engine result pages. The goal of such optimization is to rank as highly as possible for a certain search query.

Stages of Website Design

Measuring Progress



What kind of site do you need?  Selling products?  Offering services?  Non-profit?

  • Website Completion 25% 25%


Once the research is complete we will gather the images and text for your site.

  • Website Completion 50% 50%


Once the content is gathered we will design the site according to your business needs.

  • Website Completion 100% 100%

Professional & Affordable


Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is just a sampling of the sites we have designed or modified. Whether its creating a new site for you or editing one you already have PlayNet Web Hosting can meet your needs.

Service Industry

PlayNet Web Hosting has designed websites for many different types of service businesses.

Classic Pool Construction

Process Systems

Jewelry Doctors

Specialty Electronics

Stark Raving Solutions

Sapphire Wealth Planning

Elite Financial Services

Hot Rod Express

Gregory G’s BBQ

Exact Performance

Chalet Motel (concept)

Stucco Inspection
& Repair


Do you need to sell products online with a shopping cart and real-time credit card transactions, our clients below did and we helped them do just that.

A & J Toys

Kord Acoustics

Accessorize Yourself KC


Salvation Army
Preparing Together

Mark Cahill Ministries
(changes and updates)

JC Address Signs

Happy Spouse Happy House

Nonprofit Organizations

We give discounts to various non-profit organizations for our web design and IT services.


Salvation Army
Hidden Falls Camp

Salvation Army
Preparing Together

Meals on Wheels


Renee Schulte

Keith Wiggins


House of Hope Romania

Save The Perishing

Save The Perishing Blog

Mark Cahill Ministries
(site updates)

Custom Cloud Applications

There are situations where you may need some custom functionality for your site such as daily automated file transfer, converting data from one format to another, log-in functionality, shopping cart, user registration, security verification, invoicing, advanced search features, emailing, listing images and text from a database, etc.

Whatever it is you need we have the expertise to do it.  Below are just a few examples of sites with custom changes to it or in some cases the entire site is custom made.

Advantage Desktop

The Buyer’s Advantage needed a cloud-based contact manager for their Realtors to use in-house so they could manage their office tasks.  They designed the screens and we made them function, according to their own specifications.

The project included 103 pages with functions for user roles, creation and implementation of action plans, employee assignment to that action plan, the number of calls made to potential customers, who did the call, report generation for admins on calls made, employee emailing, file searches, security functions for logging in, employee information, lead generation screens, calendars, creation and implementation of action plans, add or remove employees, change employee status and log-in ability, sending mass emails to all employees, and more.

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll

From 2013 to 2016 Shuttleworth & Ingersol hired us to create their website and a cloud-based Intranet for their employees.  The intranet offered many functions to manage the information of their website along with functions for internal use. The project included over 60 admin pages with functions designed to run and operate their law firm.

The project was a success and eventually the firm became larger and their services expanded to the point that in late 2016 they hired their own internal web developers who took the technology in another direction.  In order to preserve the integrity of their business no Intranet pages we developed will be shown here.

IDX Home Search

The Buyer’s Advantage needed an application/website for potential customers to search on houses for sale and that would interface with the Advantage Desktop contact manager we developed for them.  They designed the screens and we made them function, according to their own specifications.

The project included 95 pages with user registration and security functionality.  Users could search for homes with five different search types such as Quick, Advanced, Map, Address, MLS# and save their search criteria or save one of the homes listed.  Each night automated emails were sent out to users if a new home for sale matched a user’s saved search criteria.  In the Map search a user could circle an area on the map and it would bring up all the homes for sale in that area, etc..

Premier Advisors

Premier Advisors, LLC needed a way to send mass emails out for their customers without being blocked by Internet Service providers as a spammer.  We developed a Bulk Emailer application to help them out.

The Bulk Emailer has the ability to:

  • Accept an Excel file with a client list that can be uploaded
  • The email can be created online with attachments and images
  • Send this email to each client in the list, one at a time.


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