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Web Hosting

Websites, Email, Domain Registration, SSL

Web hosting is a service that provides the technologies and services needed to show your website on the Internet.  In order for us to host a site you must reserve a domain name that identifies what your business is about, an example of this would be microsoft.com or foxnews.com.

Low Monthly Rate

Our affordable hosting rates are perfect for the small to medium-sized business to grow.  Prices vary according to what you need.

Daily Backups

Sometimes making an update to a website can break it.  We backup each site to ensure your business will always be up and running.

Smart Security

Our servers are protected with award-winning enterprise-grade protection ranging from intrusion prevention, anti-virus, antispam, reputation-based threat prevention, ransomware and DDoS.


No Monthly Contracts

There are no annual or monthly contracts with us.  Why force you to stay if you don’t like our service?  You can cancel anytime.


Real-Time Monitoring

PlayNet monitors each website 24/7 in real-time and sends notifications so we can fix the issue quickly if a problem occurs.

Registration & SSL

We can register a new domain for you at a low rate, transfer an existing domain, or renew domains when they expire.  For security you can purchase SSL certificates for your eStore.


Control Panel

One Dashboard to manage your website, create mailboxes, FTP accounts, databases, app installation & more!

Server Caching Available

If your website needs some speed improvements due to its size we have expertise in server caching that will speed it up.


Managed WP Hosting

We offer managed WordPress hosting for a hassle-free experience, so you can focus on doing what you are good at, running your business.  We manage security, speed, updates, backups, website uptime and scalability for you.

99.99% Site Uptime

Enterprise-Level Email Server

Meet any communication need

All our hosting packages come with mailboxes running under a powerful Enterprise-level email server used by thousands of domains and millions of users.  SmarterMail is a full-featured email, group chat and team collaboration server that is designed to provide the functionality you need to conduct your business without having to worry about secure access to all of your business, and personal, communication.


Webmail Client

Instant access to email, contacts, calendars and more from any mobile or desktop web browser!  SmarterMail’s webmail client is extremely intuitive and easy to use. All that’s needed is an internet connection!


Group Chat

Whether needed by a team of 2 or 200, SmarterMail’s private and secure group chat allows users to communicate with multiple groups across an organization using virtually any desktop or mobile XMPP/Jabber chat client.

Team Workspaces

Use team workspaces to power a business. Bring together customers, employees, contractors, friends, family or a mixture of all of them, using real-time group chat, live video chat, interactive whiteboards and inline file sharing.

Desktop / Mobile

Give users the freedom to the platform they’re most comfortable with, on both desktop and mobile! SmarterMail works seamlessly with Windows systems, Mac, Android and iOS mobile devices, tablets and desktop applications.

ActiveSync Add-on

Users can share their contacts, calendars, tasks and notes and truly collaborate with anyone in their company or group of users within their organization. ActiveSync is an add-on to our hosting packages or if you need email syncing, with no website, its the perfect addition to a business.

Webmail Client

Access email from any computer

Our hosting package comes with a powerful webmail client which gives users access to every feature from anywhere in the world, simply using their favorite web browser. Whether it’s on a desktop or mobile device, a consistent look and feel gives users the exact same experience regardless of how they’re accessing their email accounts. Plus, the webmail client also offers support for virtually any language, including support for non-Western character sets, right-to-left languages and more!

Video Conferencing

Included with webmail

Companies are looking for more and more ways to allow employees to work remotely, not to mention better ways to communicate directly with customers. While there are services such as GoToMeeting or Microsoft Teams, these services cost extra, which can affect a company’s bottom line. That’s where Team Workspaces come into play.

Team workspaces give users real-time team communication across an entire organization. In addition, workspaces can be set up for individuals outside an organization, such as contractors and customers. Workspaces include real-time video chat for up to 4 concurrent users, an “always on” group chat panel, shared desktops, an interactive whiteboard and drag-and-drop file sharing.

Instant, secure group chat

Included with webmail

Companies have teams all over the world, smaller companies have employees who work remotely and large companies can be so spread out that real-time conversations are almost impossible.

With group chat users can work together online through the web client or use their favorite desktop or mobile XMPP/Jabber chat clients. Group chat features include text chat, video chat and inline file sharing for instant, secure (via SSL or TLS) and reliable communication with anyone within their organization. In addition, all text-based chat can be automatically archived so that organizations can meet any compliance standards.

WCP Control Panel

Easy website management

Our hosting packages include a control panel for your website.  This has all the features you need to manage your website from behind the scenes.  It works on mobile devices, and has a simplistic yet powerful design.  With it you can:

  • Manage your email boxes
  • Change passwords
  • Create MySQL or MS SQL databases (if you need one)
  • Manage FTP accounts
  • Create subdomains
  • Add domain aliases if you have more than one domain
  • Install SSL certificates
  • Install applications such as WordPress & more

This gives you the ability to focus more time and resources on growing your business and less on ongoing website administration support.

Web Hosting Packages

Powered & Affordable

All packages include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, access to email accounts through webmail, Outlook (if you have it), mobile devices, easy control panel management, excellent technical support.

Other Services

Powered & Affordable


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